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We at PartyPillz.info strive to offer you the safest and effective legal highs on the market. Our products guarantees you the most amazing power rush you will ever experience. The all natural formulas ensures that our party pills are 100% safe and legal in any country all over the World. Enjoy your stay at PartyPillz.info !

Cocaine Vs Party Pills | Guess who's the winner?!

In order to prove our statement that using legal drugs instead of illegal is highly recommended we decided to break down for you a little comparison between cocaine and it’s legal substitute – Party Pills.

Let us break it down for
Cocaine | Party Pills
$125 per gram | $0.5 per capsule
Banned worldwide | Legal in all countries
Dreadful Side-effects | Absolutely no side-effects
Extremely addictive | Not at all addictive

Now some well-known but still well undertaken facts about cocaine:

Urban Name: Snow, Coke , Charlie

Cocaine is categorized as a highly addictive and very powerful psychotropic stimulant drug. It’s usual in the form of powder and is snorted by users. Cocaine can also be dissolved in water and injected directly into the blood.
Crack Cocaine is a hydrochloride salt, neutralized by acid. The rock crystal a.k.a. “crack” is heated and the vapors are smoked by the users. The term “crack” comes from the cracking sound of the crystal when heated.

Cocaine prices are not fixed.It varies drastically from region to region. The average street prices derived from our reports collected from 20 different parts of England are as under:
1 ) A gram of pure coke powder usually costs between £30 and £60.
2 ) A Crack rock costs between £12 and £20 while a slice or as a 'clubbing rock' comes for around £10. It varies drastically from region to region.

No matter where ever you go the purest form of cocaine is always a fluke. The purity of Crack depends on the cocaine used in processing.A wrap of cocaine powder is usually mixed with substances like sugar or starch.

High & Crash on Cocaine

The Take Off
Cocaine acts extremely quick on the mind & body causing an initial sense of wellbeing and self-confidence. After taking cocaine a user becomes wide awake and feels fueled-up to think, talk, act & work compulsively in all new way. It makes a person feel the sensation of “speediness" in him.It gives a high surge sensation of physical strength and mental alertness.
However the cocaine "lift" is temporal and lasts for 2 to 4 hours or even less. A user reaches his peak very fast but it continuous only for about half a hour. The very next moment of the ‘come-down’ effect of cocaine, the user develops a nervous & urgent need for more. The after-effect a.k.a. “crash” of cocaine is the worst followed by irritation of nerves, a sudden feeling of gloom which can make the user pretty violent.

Cocaine is categorized as “A Class” controlled drug. Cocaine may be prescribed in certain situations, otherwise it is absolutely illegal worldwide to produce or supply and even to possess.The worst part is that cocaine is freely distributed all around the world even though it is illegal and banned…

Possession and use of cocaine is illegal in Hong Kong unless licensed by the Department of Health. In countries like Singapore, possession of cocaine more than 30 grams is treated as extremely illega. The court of law sentences death or severe punishment for such acts..

Australia & New Zealand
Cocaine is a “Schedule 8” controlled drug in these countries and illegal procession is outlawed.

USA & Canada
Cocaine is classified as a high stimulant drug under the Controlled Substances Act of the United States & Canada. Possession of cocaine is prohibited in these countries.

United Kingdom
In UK and most European countries Cocaine is categorized as a “Class A” drug & highly controlled by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Medical use is permitted only under stringent authorization.

Cut the Snow Down
It is proven and well known that cocaine is a strong psychotropic stimulant, which interferes directly with the work process of the brain.As cocaine is a very addictive drug no cocaine user is found to have used it just once in their lifetime. Withdrawal from cocaine use is very difficult as seen in most cases.A cocaine user gets severely into this drug habit or he always looks for alternative drugs like LSD to comply with his requirement by his body.

Added Danger: Cocaethylene
It is very dangerous and even lethal to mix cocaine with alcohol. Research conducted by worldwide laboratories shows that when human liver combines cocaine and alcohol it produces a third substance called “cocaethylene”, which aggravates cocaine’s euphoric effects and also increases the potential risk of sudden death or at least severe damage to one’s internal organs.

Use the Straight Stuff
Our legal cocaine pills are called and will elevate your energy level so that you are all pumped up to rock the dance floor. Party Pills not only fulfills your wish to party till dawn like a real party predator but also gives you a sense of relief because of its legal and safe nature. Go beyond the Snowman experience with party pills which is an absolutely natural and safe party pill. Party pills is the only legal cocaine substitute made of pure herbs that gives you an immense high without leaving you all dry. So now you never have to feel the suppression and face the guilt of using illegal & harmful street drugs. Go ahead, score the best stuff & be the ULTIMATE PARTY ANIMAL!!!

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